Elevating Vaping Convenience

Vending Solutions

Our comprehensive vending solutions redefine how establishments offer vaping experiences. We seamlessly integrate convenience, luxury, and profitability into every facet of our services:

Machine Installation: Our expert team ensures hassle-free machine installation tailored to your space. We optimize placement for optimal customer engagement and operational efficiency, enhancing your establishment's ambiance.

Product Supply: With a finger on the industry pulse, we curate a diverse range of disposable vape products. Regular restocking guarantees a constant supply of sought-after options, keeping your patrons satisfied and engaged.

Innovative Revenue Sharing: Elevate your revenue streams with our innovative revenue-sharing model. You gain a percentage of vending machine revenue, augmenting your profits without financial risk.

Customization and Branding: Your venue is unique, and your vending solution should reflect that. Our machines can be customized to align seamlessly with your establishment's branding, fostering a cohesive and immersive experience for patrons.

Interactive Data Reporting: Stay informed with real-time data insights. Our interactive reporting keeps you updated on customer preferences, product popularity, and revenue trends, allowing informed decisions for continuous improvement.

Target Establishments

Our services are designed to seamlessly integrate into a variety of entertainment and leisure venues, including nightclubs, bars, and Gentlemen clubs.

We understand the significance of enhancing moments in these dynamic settings, and our offerings are perfectly aligned to elevate the overall experience:



For vibrant nightclubs seeking to provide patrons with an unforgettable experience, our vending solutions add a touch of luxury to the atmosphere. Seamless vaping options complement the energy of the dance floor, ensuring a truly immersive night out.



In the world of bars, where socialization and relaxation reign, VIP Vape Vending introduces an additional layer of convenience. Our machines offer patrons a diverse range of disposable vape products to enjoy while mingling, enhancing their evening.


Gentlemen's Club

At gentlemen's clubs, creating an atmosphere that caters to patrons' preferences is paramount. VIP Vape Vending seamlessly integrates within these spaces, providing an upscale vaping experience that aligns with the venue's sophisticated appeal.

Our solutions cater to the discerning clientele that frequents these establishments, ensuring they have access to the finest disposable vape products, thus enhancing their overall enjoyment. With VIP Vape Vending, you're not just offering a service; you're delivering an experience that aligns seamlessly with the essence of entertainment and leisure.

Employee Satisfaction

Elevating Workplace Happiness

Curated Selection

Our product supply includes a diverse array of disposable vape products, some of which your employees might already be using. By offering these products, you're not only meeting their preferences but also showing that you value their choices and well-being.

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Exclusive Employee Discount

We take employee satisfaction a step further by offering an exclusive discount on our disposable vape products. This special perk not only enhances their vaping experience but also reflects your commitment to their happiness and contentment.

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Enhanced Work Environment

A workplace that acknowledges and supports employee preferences fosters a positive atmosphere. By providing disposable vape products and an exclusive discount, you contribute to an environment where they feel recognized and valued.

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Strengthened Engagement

Catering to your employees' preferences goes beyond just products. It's a way to engage with them on a personal level, nurturing a sense of belonging and encouraging their active participation in the workplace.

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